Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 2018-08-10T00:31:35+00:00
What activities will be performed at the site? 2018-08-09T15:51:13+00:00

Remediation activities will resemble other construction projects. Every effort is being made to minimize any potential disruption to the community and keep Rockford’s citizens and officials up-to-date on the progression of the project. See the Progress Updates page for the latest news.

When will the library reopen? 2018-04-25T04:37:22+00:00

The library is not closed. It has temporarily relocated to 214 North Church Street, just a few blocks away.

How long will the project take? 2021-06-09T17:25:37+00:00

The current estimate is that the removal of the library building to the restoration of the site will take about 3 years. Then Rockford Public Library will begin construction of a new library building at the site.

Why is the existing library building being removed? 2018-08-07T19:06:32+00:00

Following MGP closures, most of the above-ground structures associated with them were removed. However, certain underground structures remained in place.  Today steps are being taken to remove those historic structures and any related by-products.

Why was the plant closed? 2018-08-09T15:48:09+00:00

Manufactured gas plants (MGPs) operated in the United States during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. With the advent of natural gas pipelines, it was no longer necessary to produce gas locally and by the mid-20th century most plants had closed. The plant located at 215 N. Wyman Street closed sometime around 1898.

What is a manufactured gas plant? 2018-08-09T15:52:19+00:00

Before natural gas was distributed through modern pipelines, people used manufactured gas (sometimes called Town Gas) for lighting, cooking, heating, and industry. It was produced by heating coal or oil, which produced by-products (primarily coal tar).