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1109, 2020

September Activity Update

Site preparation activities continue in September in advance of soil excavation. The bottom of the soil excavation areas will be sealed with a grout mixture to reduce groundwater infiltration. Photos [...]

1308, 2020

August Activity Update

Site preparation activities continue in August in advance of soil excavation. To complete the planned soil excavation, an earth retention system consisting of steel sheetpile has been installed.  The earth [...]

2406, 2020

June/July Activity Update

Preparation activities for remediation work continued in June. Activities included set up and activation of air monitoring stations, a meteorological station, and installation of equipment decontamination pad and truck wash [...]

2005, 2020

April/May Activity Update

Preparation for remediation activities continued at the site throughout April and into May. Activities included adding additional safety markers, preparing backfill materials, setting up traffic control, and safely removing debris [...]

304, 2020

March Activity Update

ComEd is preparing to start remediating the 215 N Wyman Street site. Activities in March included: Finalization of Project Plans Continued work on utility relocation Site preparation

1702, 2020

February Activity Update

Utility relocation is planned to continue through March 2020 Remediation work is scheduled to start in February 2020, pending design and permit approval

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